October 2023 Newsletter 

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Benjamin Danaher Pearce – our Wildlife Challenge overall prize-winner, pictured here with Manx Telecom’s James Qualtrough, Love Tech’s Claire Milne and Manx Wildlife Trust’s Graham Makepeace.

Welcome back! 

Half term and Hop tu naa are done and dusted, and Christmas is too fast upon us… but not quite.

So, before we get our lights all a-twinkle, here’s what Love Tech got up to throughout the spooky season… 

To begin with… in case you missed it, the end of September saw our fabulous Summer Wildlife Challenge and competition come to a close.  

October, however, saw us choose the winners!

A huge congratulations therefore to overall prize winner, 8 year old, Benjamin Danaher Pearce, whose mother described as ‘over the moon,’ to win Manx Telecom’s fabulous first prize of a 6th Generation iPad mini.  

She also reported that since taking part in the challenge, Benjamin has become a ‘Dedicated litter picking ambassador,’ even enlisting his grandmother in the challenge of tidying up our Island’s glens. 

“The whole experience has really got him into nature and into looking after nature. Thank you so much Love Tech, what a brilliant initiative!”. Heidi Danaher, Benjamin’s mum.   

An absolutely massive WELL DONE to our three runners up too. Thanks to Appleby – who sponsored the runner up prizes and event as a whole, Sylvie Barron, Toby Hesketh-Jordan and Mathilda Martin, all won £50 vouchers for the Manx Wildlife Trust’s shop in Peel. Love Tech Co-founder and Director, and Wildlife Challenge instigator, Claire Milne, pointed out that overall the judging panel were amazed at how considered and thoughtful all the children were with their competition entry pledges.  

“It was a joy to meet our young prize-winners who were each brimming with enthusiasm and ideas about how to look after our environment. This kind of awareness is fundamental when it comes to appreciating our Island and the importance of looking after it for future generations.” Claire Milne. 

If you missed out this time, remember to sign up to our event mailing list as this is an event Love Tech is definitely keen to run again next year.  

Thank you, Appleby and Manx Telecom, for such generous sponsorship, and of course Manx Wildlife Trust and UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man, for being such brilliantly supportive partners throughout every step of the challenge. 


Also in October… 

STEMFest! This annual, government run event for primary schools (years 5 and 6), took place at the Villa over two days early in the month. We’re delighted to say that #TeamLoveTech were there with our dedicated band of committee members, mentors and volunteers, alongside many other local STEM companies and organisations.  

If you have a child in year 5 or 6 and their primary school opted in, chances out they would have stumbled across us – VR headsets and sphero balls a go-go! The whole event was fabulously organised by Digital IOM and went down a storm.

This, alongside a Love Tech outing to the Mayor’s office (pictures below!) – where we discussed how the Mayor, Natalie Byron-Teare, can support our cause, made for a very busy and productive month! 

And behind the scenes, wheels are churning just as fast… 


Love Tech presently boasts 22 mentors. These incredible women, all based in the Island, are challenging outdated gender norms and blazing trails in the world of STEM and workplace gender equality.  

They are therefore vitally important role-models when it comes to ‘inspiring and empowering’ girls and younger women to explore opportunities in STEM. 

For a while now, Love Tech has been keen to maximise their impact – and what better place to begin than by filming their stories for everyone to see?  

We are therefore happy to say that the first batch of these short, inspirational films – which also include videos of our equally STEM-passionate committee members, are now ready to view on our website. 


To celebrate this initiative, October saw us introduce our brand-new Mentor of the Month too, with Jacqui Verduyn, Love Tech mentor, woman in STEM role-model and Architect at Verduyn’s Architects, taking the crown throughout last month – watch her video here!!!

This has proved super popular – and a great opportunity for people to get to know our mentors, what inspires them, and the types of STEM job opportunities our Island has to offer. 

This month, Love Tech is hyping Mechatronics Engineering Graduate, Jewel Bacani. Keep an eye on our social media to take part in her Mentor Challenge of the Month, and to find out more about what inspires her to smash gender norms!

“If you can find something that you’re passionate about and you’re interested in it and you really want to learn more, find a way to make that your career.” Jacqui Verduyn, October Mentor of the Month.  

And to finish – if you’re a woman in STEM living in the Isle of Man and you’d love to make an impact, please do get in touch. Our Mentor scheme is in an exciting period of growth and a great place to share your skills and connect with others. 

That’s all for now! Stay tuned and stay STEM-curious!  

Love Tech is an IOM registered charity no. 1293. 

www.lovetech.im for more info.