May newsletter 2023

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Read all about our film-omenally fast-paced May!

Crew, not Passengers – inside The Dome! Amazing photographic capture by Joel Brockett.

May vanished in a blink and was busy as a sunny day at the (TT) races – so strap in, and we’ll take you on a high-speed trip through our film-omenally fast-paced month!  

On the starting block… 

The beginning of the month saw us get off to a flying start with our exciting #womeninSTEM, role model filming initiative.  

Here, we gathered our fabulously hard-working committee together at Eagle Labs along with talented videographer, Glenn Whorrall.  

The motivation behind this project was to create a series of role model films to ‘Empower and inspire girls and young women to explore STEM opportunities in the Isle of Man.’  

Of course, we’ve explained why this is so crucial on many occasions. For example, we often talk about how girls commonly switch off from these career options soon after hitting secondary school.  

We’ve also spoken about how, in a rapidly all-tech-consuming world, if women are to keep up in the workplace, more of them need to get STEM savvy.  

After all – this is what Love Tech is all about: gender parity in the workplace! 

However, nothing lands quite as powerfully as hearing it directly from the perspectives of people who work in these industries or who have a passion for helping others get involved.  

It was therefore amazing to listen to everyone’s stories AND, as if this wasn’t enough, the end of May brought us a second filming date – this time with our fabulous mentors at Manx Telecom. 

To say these sessions have been inspiring is a huge understatement. From listening to our founders talk about why they established Love Tech, to hearing from those who work right in the thick of it, these videos felt like we were creating something very special indeed.   

We’ve one filming date left at the end of June and then we’ll be getting these videos loaded on our website’s ***BRAND NEW*** media page as soon as, so keep an eye out and we’ll keep you posted. 

A massive thank you to Barclays Eagle Labs and Manx Telecom for venue usage (especially Manx Telecom’s Marg for manning the desk and helping everything run so smoothly). Also, to everyone who showed up to share their story. Well done – you were all excellent.  

Videographer, Glenn Whorrall with committee member, Alex Halsall.

And in other May news… 

Love Tech X ManSat and The Dome, Crew, not Passengers, at Ballakermeen Studio Theatres – WOW! What can we say about this immersive, 3D voyage through the vastness of space? Well, we won’t! We’ll let these quotes speak for us: 

“I really enjoyed the event because I love space. I really enjoyed learning all about the different galaxies and the phenomenal amount of galaxies in the universe – so many we can’t even comprehend.” Noah, 14, event ‘crewmate.’ 

“A highlight for me was the interview with the astronaut, Nicole Stott. I loved hearing her story about how she had to adapt her painting technique when using watercolours in space.” Maeve, 14, event ‘crewmate.’ 

“I really enjoyed the show today because I really love space and I think it’s just amazing how big the universe is.” Henry, 14, event ‘crewmate.’ 

All in all, we think we can safely say this cosmic experience was out of this world and our crewmates were very much left awestruck and truly grateful to be able to call our tiny blue planet, spaceship Earth, home.  

More thanks are therefore due, this time to Mansat’s Rachel Beattie and to Adrian Bell, our knowledgeable Dome host. Also, Alexander Bell, The Dome’s technical specialist and Joel Brockett, who took such beautiful pictures of the event.  

Crew, not Passengers picture by photographer, Joel Brockett.

And finally, other May offerings included our STEM books in primary schools’ initiative, which, during one week alone, saw our committee members visiting no fewer than four schools! This brings our total up to… drum roll… 25 schools now covered –which is brilliant, so thank you PwC for sponsoring the great project. 

And so, we draw to a close. 

Have a safe TT everyone, and, if you’d love to support our cause, we’d love to hear from you. From becoming a STEM mentor or volunteer, to SPONSORING US, just drop us a line: 

Please do also follow our social pages, like, share, comment. It all helps us maintain visibility, and last, but not least, thank you as always to the Chamber of Commerce for all your support and for making us your 22/23 Charity of Choice! 

Love Tech Ltd is an Isle of Man registered charity no. 1293. Check out our website for more information.