March Newsletter 2024

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Our new STEM Spark initiative in the papers!

Well that happened fast – we appear to have ‘sprung,’ rather than ‘marched’ through early spring – so if you’re as bursting as bluebells to discover what we got up to last month, get ready to read all about it here…

To begin with, behind the scenes we’ve been busy revamping our website.

Our first step has been to start the process of updating our mentor bios to ensure they make fun, engaging and informative reads for any STEM-curious teens out there.

As part of this, all our inspirational mentor and committee films to date are now loaded onto both our Media page and individual profiles.

Shot by the fabulous Glenn Whorrall, these films are perfect for the classroom if you’re a teacher, or for anyone to share with any young person looking for career inspiration.

Please USE THE VIDEOS – or feel free to share them on social media platforms.

These films showcase some incredible women who are busy smashing STEM boundaries right here on our Island. Filled to bursting with tips and insights they therefore make for invaluable viewing.

And, alongside this…

We also thought about everything we get up to and how best to connect and communicate with schools about both on-going and potential projects.

Out of this we’ve developed TWO NEW PAGES launched last month on our website.

Firstly, our brand-new Education Page has been specifically designed to communicate what we get up to and where we can be of most use to your school or educational group.

Do take a quick look if you’re an educational leader and get in contact if you’d like to learn more.

Secondly, if you’re a primary school teacher, you may remember our PwC Isle of Man sponsored STEM books in primary schools’ initiative… and, if so, you may also be aware that we’ve recently launched our very exciting STEM Spark project on the back of this.

Once again sponsored by PwC, this initiative is an enhanced and more stream-lined version of our earlier project WITH…

A super easy sign up form, right here, on our website!

Click link above to check it out and get your school signed up today.

In other news…

Throughout March we celebrated our Mentor of the Month, Meteorologist, Kirsty Pendlebury.

“If you want a rainbow, you have to deal with the rain.” Kirsty’s favourite STEM related quote (Roman Emperor, Augustus).

Kirsty tells us that from the moment she saw the film Twister at the age of 12, she was fascinated by the weather. Fast forward a few years and she was graduating with a BSc from Reading University, and, nowadays, she’s only none other than Ronaldsway’s Senior Meteorological Officer! Well done Kirsty.

You can check out her Love Tech film by clicking here.

And read all about her STEM journey by clicking here.

As well as this, have a quick peek through March’s social media posts to check out Kirsty’s book and film recommendations and challenge AND – a big thank you to Kirsty for running our recent Cloud Busters event. She STORMED it – more on that in next month’s news.

And so for a couple of ‘last but not leasts…’

An absolutely huge thank you to The Elizabeth Clucas Trust who have recently awarded us the necessary funding to embark on a technological training project for Manx students – this time in conjunction with Isle of Man Code Club.

In case it’s passed anybody by, the world has entered a new era of technological revolution – meaning that now, more than ever, Manx students need access to new skills to ensure they’re prepped for tomorrow’s job markets.

From programming through to web development, wearable technologies and an understanding of the shifting career landscape, Love Tech and Code Club will be using this fund to work together with their dedicated team of experts.

Through doing so, they’ll be delivering a variety of short courses to schools and other organisations looking to increase digital literacy.

More on this project coming soon so watch this space.

As well as all the above, Love Tech would love to say a massive WELL DONE to our committee member and education and strategy coordinator, Lisa Karran, for speaking at BCS Isle of Man section’s exciting ‘Celebrating Women in Tech in the Isle of Man’ event.

Great to see team members proactively getting out there to make the change we want to see in the world #genderequality.

And that’s all for March! April is already underway with our Cloud Busters event having taken place on the 4th, so keep an eye on our socials, check out our website and SIGN UP TO OUR MAILING LIST to stay up to speed with all our events and news. 💥

And, to finish – if you’re a woman in STEM living in the Isle of Man and you’d love to join an award-winning charity to MAKE AN IMPACT, please get in touch:

Our Mentor scheme is in an exciting period of growth and a great place to share your skills and connect with others.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned and stay STEM-curious!

Love Tech is an IOM registered charity no. 1293. for more info.