Game Development Workshops

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Love Tech invites award winning game development studio to the Island, to run free workshops for the next generation of developers

Love Tech is delighted to announce a new event in their November calendar: two FREE Game Development Workshops run by award – winning Game Doctor Ltd.

Game Doctor Ltd is a game development studio in the UK that builds educational games for children, primarily around healthcare. They aim to transfer STEM and health education through the production of digital media. Founded by microbiologist Dr Carla Brown, the company develops mobile games, software and media to educate communities about complex topics in science and healthcare.

The two workshops will be run by Dr Brown and her senior developer, who are traveling to the Island for this purpose, at Love Tech’s invitation. Dr Brown is a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient and TedX speaker, and Game Doc tor Ltd has won multiple awards for their approach to learning. The two workshops take place on 23 and 24 November, with the Saturday event designed for a younger audience of 12 to 15 – year olds, and the Sunday event for 15 to 18 – year olds. Workshop attendees will learn about developing “tech for good”, with a focus on skill sets and career options in game development and technology, how to differentiate a good idea from a poor one and how to design a game to solve a problem. At the end of each workshop, attendees will pitch their ideas to a small set of judges and their peers for critique and feedback.

Dr Brown, CEO of Game Dr Ltd, said : “This is our first visit to the Isle of Man, and we are excited to learn more about the Island and meet the students involved in the workshops. ”

Lydia Barbara, Love Tech committee member and Chair of Digital Isle of Man, said : “Game development has consistently been the most popular aspirational career choice for the students Love Tech has engaged with so far, and we couldn’t be more pleased to host Dr Brown and her colleague.”

Both workshops are taking place in the Barclays Eagle Lab in Douglas. Tickets are available via Eventbrite for both the younger group on 23rd November and the older group on 24th November – 74094527727.

Whilst on the Island, Dr Brown will also speak at the Google Developer Group’s first ‘ DevFest ’, which takes place on 22 and 23 November in the Hubb, located above the Eagle Lab. More information can be found on

Love Tech has also just announced their second Book Club event, now running until the 2nd November. For information about these and future events, please visit the Love Tech website