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Lizzie Riley

Lizzie Riley

“We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it as not as dreadful as it appears, discovering that we have the strength to stare it down.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

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Hi, I’m Lizzie!

Here are a few facts about me and also my video about why I’m so passionate about inspiring and empowering people just like you to explore opportunities in STEM…

My STEM specialism:

Energy Transition, Renewable & Nuclear Engineering.

My current STEM role:

Energy Transition Lead & Programme Manager for the Energy Transition at Manx Utilities.

When not STEM-ing you can find me…

Singing in a rock band!

3 fun facts about my industry:

1. The Three Gorges Dam (the world’s largest hydro project) is so massive that it has altered the Earth’s rotation; the shift of water mass stored by the dam project is estimated to have increased the total length of the Earth’s day by 0.06 microseconds and makes the Earth slightly more round in the middle and flat on the poles.

2. Nuclear is actually currently the lowest carbon source of all energy technologies and the safest. But waste disposal remains a challenge due to the long life-span of radionuclides – some waste products will remain dangerous even in 10,000 years time. The biggest concern with the half-life of these materials is that language may have changed so much in this time compared to today that even if we label the waste as dangerous with symbols, archaeologists in 10,000 year are unlikely to understand the risk and may still dig the waste up. Despite this, if all of the energy you use in your life was generated from nuclear power, the waste would fit inside a can of coca-cola.

3. Solar energy is one of the oldest forms of power and is almost 200 years old! But it’s nowhere near as old as geothermal which the Roman’s in Pompei were using to heat their baths.

My career path:

Since graduating from Imperial College London with a Geology degree, I’ve worked in the energy industry throughout my career, constantly learning and re-skilling.

During this time I’ve undertaken a variety of vastly different roles in the energy sector – these include…

Process engineering in offshore oil and gas in the North Sea and Norway;
Reservoir geology and carbon capture in Algeria;
Renewable heating technologies’ regulation in the UK energy sector;
Nuclear engineering and reactor desk operations across the UK’s nuclear fleet;
Energy efficiency and performance engineering at Pulrose power station;
Energy strategy and policy development, and, finally…
Taking the role as the Programme Manager for the Isle of Man’s Energy Transition to low carbon and renewables by 2030.

This means I’m currently responsible for leading the deployment of the Isle of Man’s first large scale solar and onshore windfarm projects with Manx Utilities.

Check out my Love Tech video here!


Lizzie Riley