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Lady Lorimer MBE

Lady Lorimer MBE

"The world is becoming more technical - there are going to be a lot of jobs that require more STEM qualifications... If you're passionate about STEM subjects, for goodness sake, study them, all the way through. That opens lots of doors." Lady Lorimer, MBE.

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Welcome to our Patron, Lady Lorimer, MBE.

Here are a few fun facts about our Patron, Lady Lorimer, and also her video about why she’s so passionate about inspiring and empowering people just like you to explore opportunities in STEM…

Career specialism:

Natural Sciences.

Current role:

Lady Lorimer, MBE.

When not STEM-ing, you can find her…

  1. Keeping fit.
  2. Hill walking.
  3. Cross-country and downhill skiing.
  4. Participating in watersports.

Fun facts about our Patron!

  1. Lady Lorimer and Sir John Lorimer, Lieutenant Governor, have three grown up sons.
  2. She is also never happier than when exploring beaches for interesting creatures in rock pools!

Career path:

As an Army daughter, Lady Lorimer spent much of her childhood overseas – in Africa, Germany and Norway. She went to school in Dorset and then went on to read Natural Sciences at Durham University.

In 1987, she was commissioned into the Royal Corps of Signals, serving in 30th Signal Regiment and deploying on operations in Namibia with the United Nations and in the Middle East during Gulf War 1.

Lady Lorimer left the Army after six years to pursue a career in the Defence industry, where she worked for various companies, including the Racal Electronics Group and Exensor UK ltd, selling and marketing specialist communications and security equipment to the Police, Ministry of Defence and other agencies.

From July 2017 – June 2022 Lady Lorimer was the Commanding Officer of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal’s Volunteer Corps) (FANY (PRVC)). The FANY is a thriving charity, whose all-female volunteers are an essential component of the United Kingdom’s emergency response capability. Members of the Corps are on call 24/7 to provide support to civil and military authorities at times of national crisis.

Check out Lady Lorimer’s video below to find out more!