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Jacqui Verduyn

Jacqui Verduyn

Meet Jacqui Verduyn, Love Tech Mentor and Architect who runs her own practice, Verduyn Architecture, right here, in the Isle of Man.

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Jacqui started her journey in architecture in 2000 when she started her BSc Architecture degree at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

After completing her degree, Jacqui worked in London for two years, gaining experience on projects ranging from restoration of historical buildings to large multi-storey developments.

After graduating with a Masters of Architecture from the University of Pretoria in 2006, Jacqui worked for 7 years in South Africa, where she was made an Associate Architect.

During this time Jacqui worked on many exciting projects including new office blocks, shopping malls and safari lodges.

In 2013, Jacqui relocated to the Isle of Man where she established Verduyn Architecture.

Verduyn Architecture specialises in both residential and commercial projects from small scale up to £16m in value.

Though located in the Isle of Man, Verduyn Architecture works across the UK, Europe and Africa.

Take a look at Jacqui’s story on our YouTube channel!