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Francisca Cano Ortiz

Francisca Cano Ortiz

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Since I was very little those around me – family and teachers – said that I would be an artist when I grew up. I followed that path and studied Fine Arts holding now a Master’s in Graphic Design, but I am not an artist today.

Career paths are not linear. You can skip, jump and do any kinds of pirouettes! In my case, I started working in the IT industry almost by accident, and I’ve been in different roles ever since. Web developer, programme and project manager, and in the software testing field for seven years.

Today, I’m a Quality Assurance Manager with a remarkable team of software testers. My mission is to make them be better professionals every day so that, together, they bring the highest value to the company. To accomplish so, I use my technical knowledge to find the border of the box and my creative mind to think outside that box. It’s my unique combination of skills.

And that’s what STEM disciplines, like Technology, need to evolve: your unique set of abilities and talents.