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Alexandra Koyfman

Alexandra Koyfman

"If you have any interest in STEM as a career or hobby, go for it. No matter what your background or skill set, you'll find your niche." Alexandra Koyfman.

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Hi, I’m Alexandra!

Here are a few facts about me and also my video about why I’m so passionate about inspiring and empowering people just like you to explore opportunities in STEM…

My career specialism:

IT Business Analysis.

My current role:

Senior Business Analyst at PDMS.

When not STEM-ing you can find me…

Outside of my IT interests, cooking, taking walks around the Island with my husband, and consuming as much science fiction as I can.

A fun fact about me:

I’m originally from the United States.

My career path:

Though originally from the USA, I became an IT Business Analyst shortly after completing my Master’s degree at University College, Isle of Man.

As part of this programme, I took my first steps into the world of IT through several work placements with PDMS Limited. This is an Isle of Man and Scotland-based IT consultancy that delivers software to clients all over the world. Here I was tasked with leading the launch and pilot for the First Point Community Portal, a local initiative to help the emergency services use technology to provide better care to vulnerable people in times of crisis.

After completing my degree and earning the Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards for Excellence, Young Achiever of the Year 2018, for my work on FirstPoint, PDMS offered me a full time role. I’ve been an Analyst ever since.

Business analysts seek to investigate and understand business problems and then solve them, often with technology. One aspect of my work I particularly enjoy is working with stakeholders both locally and internationally to understand users’ needs and translate them into requirements for software development.

As a Senior Business Analyst at PDMS and a Voluntary Senior Leadership Team Member for Young Business Analysts (YBA), I focus on helping others grow and develop in the workplace and encouraging students and young people to consider an IT career in business analysis.

In 2023, I was named an Isle of Man 30 Under 30 Winner for my work in the business analysis community.

Now also a Love Tech mentor, one of my objectives is to encourage students to consider a career in IT and specifically in business analysis. This is because so often people start out as developers and only realise later that they can combine their love for technology with a passion for working with people via the business analyst role.

In addition to this, I’m familiar with such topics as software testing, software engineering, IT infrastructure and IT project management and can advise in any of these areas.