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41 total events organised and joined since Love Tech started

Crew, not passengers – Love Tech X ManSat & The Dome

Location: Ballakermeen High School Studio Theatre

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Get ready for…

Blast off!

The very first of our ManSat/The Dome X Love Tech Roadshows will be all prepped for a spectacular launch on Thursday May 11th!

If you’re in years 7 or 8, this means we need your help. IN FACT – Spaceship Earth needs your help!

So grab your FREE ticket to secure your seat as we take a journey to experience Earth from a space perspective in the fabulously immersive ‘The Dome,’ this time at Ballakermeen’s Studio Theatre.

In doing so, you’ll discover all about why, as Earthlings, it’s so crucial that we take more care of our celestial home and become crewmates, not just passengers, of Planet Earth.

This event features two sessions.

5pm – 6/6.15pm

6pm – 7.15pm

(Please arrive 15 minutes early for each session).

We can also carry 25 ‘crew members’ per show so book your ‘space’ now and get ready to buckle up and enjoy the ride! Please also note, due to limited space, we are unable to accommodate parents. 

This incredible event has been made possible thanks to ManSat and The Dome. We’re also exceptionally grateful to Our Place in Space and Nerve Centre – the team behind the interview with Nicole Stott, veteran astronaut and artist and one of only ten women to ever undertake a spacewalk.

Cloud Coding – Love Tech X Met Office

Location: Isle of Man Ronaldsway Airport

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Calling all budding Meteorologists! Are you interested in the weather? Would you like to see where all the weather forecasts for the Isle of Man are issued from? Then come join Love Tech at the Ronaldsway Meteorological Office on Thursday 13th April.

The event kicks off at 11.00am with a session for Year Groups 7, 8, & 9 followed by a 12.30pm session for Year Groups 5 & 6.

☁️Find out more about the various types of weather that we get on the Isle of Man, along with the instruments and equipment used to measure it 

🛰️ Learn how the team at the Met Office go about writing weather forecasts 

🌬️Chat to meteorologists about weather or climate related careers 

Tickets are free but limited to 15 per session so make sure you secure yours by booking online. Parents please note – due to limited space parents are unable to join us during these sessions. 

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Graduate Fair 2023

Location: Comis Golf Club


Love Tech at the Graduate Fair – Meet the Mentors!

The Graduate Fair is coming up during the Easter holidays on Wednesday 12th April, 1-5pm at the Comis Golf Club, and we’re excited to say WE’LL BE THERE!

If you’re an undergraduate, graduate or young professional looking for a career on the Island, this event, organised by Locate Isle of Man, is an absolute must.

Free to attend, it’ll feature plenty of stands and information from the Department for Enterprise to help you discover the amazing career opportunities that exist right on your doorstep.

For our part, we’re putting together a rota of fabulous #womeninSTEM mentors and role models – all of whom have managed to carve out inspiring and rewarding careers, here, on the Isle of Man.

This will therefore be the perfect opportunity for you to be empowered and inspired to learn all about the STEM career opportunities our Island has to offer, and the routes our mentors have taken to get there.

More details coming soon, so keep an eye out here and on our social pages @lovetechiom

A practical workshop on gender equality by Love Tech Ltd

Location: Barclays Eagle Labs
Do you think you are unbiased?
Do you think ‘gender equality’ demonises men?
Do you want to understand steps you can take to really lead on this issue and improve your workplace for everyone?
Although Love Tech is a charity with the aim of empowering girls and women, this workshop is for anyone who works with others or is a parent! Do not miss the opportunity to educate yourself on this hot topic!
Taking an alternative approach to this much mentioned topic, Love Tech will guide us through the reasons why gender equality remains an issue, how to navigate it and introduce some easy and practical ways on how we can all be part of the solution.
Due to Love Tech and Chamber operating as not for profit organisations, we are simply charging a nominal fee to cover administration costs. As this event takes place at lunchtime please feel free to bring along food. Tea and coffee will be provided free of charge.
Click here for tickets – £6.60 plus VAT and Eventbrite fees.
Love Tech Ltd is an IOM registered charity no. 1293

Tech Mums – Presented by Love Tech X Jo Cutsforth Training and Coaching

Location: Barclays Eagle Lab, Douglas

Who is it for?

This practical and in-depth ‘in person’ & online training club is for Mums in the Isle of Man, which will span a range of useful topics and equip them with the digital skills they need for 2022 and beyond.

#techmums programmes and initiatives are designed to support mothers becoming more familiar, confident, and excited about the use of technology in their personal, professional, and parenting lives. The organisation’s vision is to reach as many mums as possible, to ignite potential in not only mums, but their families, and their communities.

#techmums mandate is to create a safe space for women to learn.

Why is it important?

#techmums research has shown that by equipping mums as the main care giver, this can strongly influence their children.

By being better equipped to understand the emerging world of tech & digital, and how this translates into the jobs of now and the future, we are better able to influence social mobility for our #techmums and their families.

Mums are the force multipliers in society. When you support a mum in becoming more tech-savvy, you are supporting her children, her parents, and her wider community.

#techmums is all about making as big an impact as possible. Our programmes don’t just benefit mums, but the whole family, whilst creating female role models.

What will I learn?

  • Setting safe passwords
  • What is the Cloud and how to use it
  • Staying safe online, including phishing, privacy, parental controls and shopping
  • Social media platforms, gaming, and shared online media apps (Netflix / Spotify etc)
  • Managing family finances online, getting good deals and budgeting
  • Work place skills and how to use the Internet to look for work
  • An introduction to App Design, Web Design and Coding

#techmums Background

In the UK, computer scientist and technology evangelist Sue Black has founded #techmums.

Inspired by her own experience, #techmums provides computer training for mothers seeking to learn new skills or simply understand what their children are doing.

It’s a great example of what creative thinking in this area can do.

Its goal is to reach as many mothers as possible, so they can thrive at work, change jobs if they want to and nurture their children’s interest in technology.