STEM Summer Roadshow | 30 Jul , 6 & 13 Aug

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STEM Summer Roadshow | 30 Jul , 6 & 13 Aug description

Our inaugural STEM Summer Roadshow will span 3 locations on 3 different dates over the Summer holidays.

There will 3 zones to get involved with at each date/location 1) Love Tech, 2) Code Club and 3) Young Engineers, all providing a range of STEM activities for children to enjoy and learn from, whilst having a lot of fun.

Suitable for ages 7 – 13

  • EAST – 30 July @ Barclays Eagle Lab
  • SOUTH – 6 August @ The Engine Room
  • NORTH – 13 August @ Mountain View Innovation Centre

About Code Club:

The Isle of Man Code Club is an organisation aimed at providing a focal point for people of all ages to develop digital skills, share their knowledge and experience and teach others how to leverage the technology that surrounds us. We do this by organising classes in various programming disciplines, fostering cooperation amongst software developers in the Isle of Man and providing events of interest for people passionate about technology.

 Short plan to share: Have you coded before? Would you like to learn how to code? Code Club is going to be here with both beginner and intermediate handouts so you can have a go at creating your own computer programs in just 30 minutes.

About Young Engineers:

Young Engineers offer revolutionary educational programs which provide an engaging, hands-on learning experience that teach children the fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering, Programming and Robotics. In each lesson, they discuss and explain theories that are related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).  Students comprehend these complex theories through building our exclusive and exciting machines and robots. They offer various STEM Workshops for Primary Schools, as well as after-school Enrichments Programs, which run throughout the entire academic year, on various days and at multiple locations around The Isle of Man.
In their programs, participants will learn about many different topics and concepts which include the laws of physics, centrifugal force, centripetal force, inertia, kinetic energy, potential energy, lift force, torque, leverage points, angular momentum and more! Students are also equipped with the professional skills necessary for understanding the logic behind almost any coding language that exists today, along with the necessary mathematical skills required in making the scientific calculations needed to build their models.
Participants will have a short lesson and introduction to Centrifugal / Centripetal Force and Angular Momentum . They will then build a model of a Spinning Top and use an Electric Motor to generate the high-speed-spin which will launch the spinning top into motion. The practical aim will be to ensure the spinning-top is stable and can maintain its angular momentum whilst also maintaining its physical position.
The team will be bringing along lots of fun STEM kit to get involved with and try out including our state of the art VR headsets, mini sphere robots and much more. We’ll also have mentors on hand to talk to the children about their chosen STEM role and their career path.
All of our sessions are completely FREE. Secure your space at your preferred location by registering via Eventbrite.
Date and Time:
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