Love Tech Book Club

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Love Tech Book Club description

Our inaugural Love Tech Book Club event, which is to celebrate World Book Day and International Women’s Day, will be run between the 23rd March and the 27th April, culminating with an event at the Henry Bloom Noble Library in Douglas on Saturday, the 27th April from 3pm to 4pm. Girls between the ages of 9 and 16 are encouraged to visit the library between the 23rd March and the 26th April, sign up for a library card and borrow a copy of our selected book “Girls Who Rocked the World” by Michelle Roehn McCann and Amelie Welden from the Love Tech table at the library. The book can also be purchased from Waterstones on Strand Street, where a designated Love Tech table will be set up for the duration of the event.

Date and Time:
Henry Bloom Noble Library, Douglas