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Adam Drummond
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Adam Drummond

"Take every opportunity you can. You never know where they might take you; possibly across the country, possibly across the world” Adam Drummond.

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Hi, I’m Adam, Love Tech’s events lead

Here are a few fun facts about me and also my video about why I’m passionate about inspiring and empowering people just like you to explore opportunities in STEM…

My career specialism:


My current role:

Assets Manager & CyberCenturion Coordinator at Code Club, Computer Science Degree student at UCM.

3 Fun facts about me!

  1. If I had declined any of the many opportunities presented to me over the past five years, I would be on a totally different path right now!
  2. I’m proud to fly the Manx Flag across the world, be it in Europe, America or (hopefully in the future) further afield.
  3. I know how to make a good-looking coffee (I just don’t drink it).

When not STEM-ing, you can find me…

When I’m not STEM-ing, you can… hold on – I’m always STEM-ing! Whether through my studies of Computer Science, or my work with Code Club, you’ll hardly ever find me away from technology!

Find out more – check out my video below!