Alexandra Koyfman

First Point Community Portal Project Lead, PDMS



Education history:

MA in Business Consultancy from UCM (in progress), BSc (Hon) in Psychology from Indiana University (including one year as a Visiting Student at the University of Oxford)

Current Job:

Product Specialist, PDMS / First Point Community Portal Project Lead

Why IT?

IT has been an opportunity for me to take my first steps into the business world and apply my psychology degree. I enjoy the challenge of investigating solutions to real world problems and building relationships with project partners while solving problems together.

Future Aspirations:

I want to continue helping to solve social problems using technology.

Advice/Top tips for wanting a similar career:

IT is a sector for people who are naturally curious and eager to learn. My role has technical elements to it, but I wouldn't presently classify myself as a programmer. There are a number of skills valued by this sector beyond the very technical such as project management, problem solving, communication, presentation, and leadership, though a basic understanding of programming does help. If you have experience developing any of these non-technical skills, whether professionally or at school, you can transition into the IT sector after a bit of training. However, a little self-study goes a long way and reading about the basics such as HTML will really help. Whether technical or not, there is always more to learn!

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